Box Type Dryer/Furnace


Aswathi Industries Limited (AIL) has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in thermal process systems. With well qualified, experienced & professional engineers combined with in-house design and manufacturing facility provide best suitable stage for individual project planning and construction of tailor-made furnaces. AIL’s state-of-the-art technology, innovative control and remote monitoring improves temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, reliability and durability of our systems with the goal of enhancing your competitive edge. AIL offer a wide range of furnaces for different industries.

Temperature Range 150°C to 850°C
Heating Media Electrical / Gaseous or Liquid Fuel /  Steam
Working Chamber Size Height : Max. 4000 mm Width :  Max. 4000 mm Depth :  Max. 3000 mm
Material of Construction Mild steel / stainless steel / Inconel
Purpose Drying / Calcination / Heat Treatment
Capacity 100 kg to 2000 kg per batch
Features 1) Efficient Results 2)Sturdy and Robust Designs 3) Good Thermal Uniformity 4) PID/ PLC based automated Design 5)PID /HMI/SCADA controlling system