Aswathi Industries Limited (AIL) is one of the leading design and manufacturers of recuperators for decades now. AIL provides a wide range of custom designed recuperators for various industries to recover waste heat from industrial exhaust gases. AIL offers customized solutions and also provide assistance to choose the precise type of recuperator suitable to a process considering parameters like flue gas temperature, dust, pressure drop, flame, unburnt fuel, space availability etc. 

Basically, recuperator is a type of heat exchange system that recovers heat by cycling through a high temperature metallic heat exchanger. The heat recovered by a recuperator is most commonly used to preheat combustion air to a furnace. Recuperators are simple & effective devices for reducing energy consumption in furnaces. The outgoing flue gases from the furnace are used to preheat the combustion air being supplied to the burners resulting in saving energy. This reduces fuel consumption, increases flame temperature and improves furnace efficiency. Recuperators reduce upto 40% of the fuel consumption compared to cold air combustion.


  • Higher Flame Temperature
  •  Better Combustion Efficiency
  • Reduced fuel cost by using preheated air in burners
  • Higher Furnace Output
  • Low maintenance
  • Lesser emissions
  • Custom designed for specific applications


  • Rolling Mill Furnace
  • Ceramic & Refractory Kilns
  • Steel Forging Furnace
  • Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Aluminium Melting Furnace
  • Rotary Melting Furnace
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Non ferrous melting furnace
  • Any other application where exhaust gases can be reused.