Industrial Fans & Blowers

Axial Flow Fans – Aerotech Axial flow fan are used for providing general ventilation, fume exhaust and removal of hot spots and can be as roof extractor and bifurcated fans.

Axial Flow Fan is different from Centrifugal Fans and Blowers in the method they move the air.

An Axial Flow Fan uses a propeller to draw air into it and discharge it, in the same axial directions. However, a Centrifugal Blower draws the air into the inlet side of the blower housing with one of the seven types of wheel. The blower draws the air through the wheels and discharges it at 90 degree. A device that moves air with a propeller is referred to as a Fan, while one with a wheel is called as a Blower.

An axial fan is a type of a compressor that increases the value of pressure of the air flowing through it. Blades of the axial-flow fans force all air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blade rotates. In other way, the flow is axially-in and axially-out, linearly, hence its name. Designing in axial fan revolves around the design of the propeller that generates the pressure-difference and results in the suction force that retains the flow across the fan all time. The main components that need to be studied in the designing include the number of blades and the design of every blade.