Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

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We have balancing facility at our fabrication unit. Centrifugal fan uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating disk, with blades mounted at right angles to the disk, to impart movement to the air or gas and increase its pressure. The assembly of the hub, disk and blades is known as the fan wheel, and often includes other components with aerodynamic or structural functions. The centrifugal fan wheel is typically contained within a scroll-shaped fan housing, resembling the shell of the nautilus sea creature with a central hole. The air or gas inside the spinning fan is thrown off the outside of the wheel, to an outlet at the housing’s largest diameter. This simultaneously draws more air or gas into the wheel through the central hole. Inlet and outlet ducting are often attached to the fan’s housing, to supply and/or exhaust the air or gas to the industry’s requirements. There are many varieties of centrifugal fans, which may have fan wheels that range from less than 3 cm to over 16 feet (5 m) in diameter.