Design & Engineering Services

Over the decades, AIL has gained proficiency in providing engineering services & solutions to clients to help improve their engineering efficiency, competitiveness and support their global footprints. AIL also specializes in providing engineering solutions for environmental management. 

AIL provides solutions to the clients depending on their specific requirements, feasibility studies, detailed project reports and as per environmental norms. AIL’s latest technology, vast domain knowledge & dynamic work planning methodology helps to ensure an effective global delivery model for engineering projects.

Optimizing Fan Power Consumption

Fan systems are rarely checked for efficiency and performance, which often leaves them drawing more power than needed. If your fan systems aren’t working efficiently, you may be paying for more than unused energy. That’s because wasted energy doesn’t just disappear it damages dampers, increases bearing loads, and creates vibrations in ducts and seals, causing air leaks and failures.

All of that means poor performance and less reliability, ultimately increasing your maintenance costs and compromising your productivity.

Aswathi Industries Limited (AIL) offers well-planned upgrades in existing installations to improve the efficiency, fan performance and decrease the power consumption.

Site Services

AIL have a good blend of experienced, young and enthusiastic people in the site services group. This highly skilled team is geared to handle issues that arises at the site, and are empowered to take appropriate actions to ensure that the customer does not miss a deadline. They employ modern techniques to expedite the erection procedures, while meeting global environmental and safety requirements.

Our technical services include Erection Services, Supervisory Services & Emergency Site Services. Also in unforeseen circumstances, should you unfortunately require any emergency service and repair, our alert team of Technical Services are always prepared to respond promptly, in order to get your equipment back on track.

Supervision of Erection and Commissioning

We offer exclusive supervisory services to the clients having an experience with the installation of the system as per our guidelines. Our experienced group of engineers team up well with the site personnel to ensure the system is proper installed and commissioned to give optimum performance. 

After the plant has been commissioned, we complete our engagement with installation processes that are well defined and documented, and incorporate the standard quality operating procedures. AIL’s manual depict all the necessary requirements for plant installation, commissioning and ongoing performance, including day-to-day plant operations, troubleshooting and maintenance. Beyond the completion of the project, AIL provides post-commissioning support to ensure smooth running of the system.

Erection and Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning services are the part of turnkey contract. Erection & Commissioning is a systematic and sequential process, the performance of which requires expertise in this field. Continuous joint effort of experienced professionals, engineers, workers and statutory approvals has been a catalyst to meet targets resulting in customer satisfaction by successfully completing and handing over projects. 

Under the erection and commissioning activities, the components of the systems or plant are erected and assembled at client’s site. The assembled system is then commissioned by our team to achieve optimum results. Our team also establishes local site office which serves as a hub for all concerned site activities and maintains strict control and monitoring of the goods.