Fume Extraction System


Aswathi Industries Limited (AIL) offers an extensive range of Fume Extraction & Filtration Systems(FES) / Dust Collection Systems to protect men working in the manufacturing plants from hazardous gases and fumes. FES is installed to confine the fumes & unburnt particles of material, which are generated during melting and other industrial processes. AIL offers technically advanced, highly efficient, custom made systems to suit specific industrial applications and satisfies the requirement of all the Pollution Control Boards across India and abroad. The system generally consists of suction hoods, swivel hood for standby furnace, hood required during pouring, other types of hood required at different processes with ducting, butterfly dampers, gas cooler, dust / fume collector etc. Centrifugal ID fan is also provided as a part of the Fume Extraction System (FES).

Industrial Applications​

Fume Extraction and Filtration for Induction furnace
Fume Extraction and Filtration for AOD Furnace
Fume Extraction and Filtration for Electric ARC Furnace
Fume Extraction and Filtration for Incineration kiln in Waste Incineration Plants
Fume Extraction and Filtration in any kind of industry


Creates safe & clean environment at work
Captures the dry dust so no need to install ETP plant to clean water
All emission levels can be achieved with this Fume Extraction & Filtration System
System contains complete equipments (Swivel hood, Dust Collector, Ducting, ID Fan etc.)
Creates safe & clean environment to work
User friendly & maintenance free operations
No binding or clogging of bags
Minimum power consumption
Minimum downtime which is crucial in case of process equipment